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About women’s sports clothing

An active lifestyle isn’t just about losing or maintaining one’s weight, but, in fact, it is about taking care of your overall health. (1) By observing an active lifestyle, you can

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About women’s sports clothing

An active lifestyle isn’t just about losing or maintaining one’s weight, but, in fact, it is about taking care of your overall health. (1) By observing an active lifestyle, you can keep a number of health issues at bay. 

Women's sportswear clothing propels one’s ability to be flexible and agile which makes it easy for you to work out. In addition to that, when you buy activewear for women online, you can style it in versatile ways and extend the ambit of its wearability beyond the gym. 

Benefits of wearing sportswear for various activities

The importance of having proper gym wear for women is paramount. The following benefits can be attributed to the same :

  • They protect you from injuries 

Keeping yourself safe from injuries at the gym takes a lot but wearing appropriate clothes can definitely help you a lot. Good quality gym clothes for women can ensure that blood circulation is not affected and there is a balanced level of compression on your arms and legs. This can play a helpful role in keeping gum injuries at bay. Needless to say, that, proper guidance and posture while lifting weights are extremely important as well. 

  • They enhance your ability to perform 

While buying women's sports clothing online, one must ensure that the clothes have a good fit so that they can make you feel comfortable. This will enable you to perform well at the gym or while cycling or running. 

  • They make you feel good and confident 

If you are willing to conquer your workout session, then good gym wear is very important. It will make you look good, and feel good and when that is clubbed with the endorphins released while working out (2), the whole session becomes very blissful. 

  • It enhances skin breathability 

Hummel has the best quality ladies' sportswear online because the fabric that we use for making the same is extremely light and breathable. This ensures that our garments have moisture-wicking abilities that will ensure that your hard-earned workout sweat doesn’t irritate or cause you any discomfort as you go about your gym activities. 

Activewear for women available online at Hummel

We have the following range of workout clothes for women which are available online :

We have a bespoke collection of tops and t-shirts which can be used by women while working out. Our tany round neck woman blue t-shirt is made from 100 per cent cotton to make sure that your skin is able to breathe while working out. Our action cotton women's pink t-shirt has a charming colour and it will look good with leggings or shorts. 

Our gym shorts fit women have been made from a special soft sweat fabric with an adjustable waist and a drawstring. Our women's shorts are super breathable and they will bolster your ability to move around and work out like a pro. 

We have a wide range of training pants for women for you to choose from. Our legacy poly women's black pants have an adjustable waistband which makes it possible for you to enjoy a fabulous fit. Furthermore, our Sandra tapered women's pink pants come with side pockets and a sleek fit. 

Our tight pants for women are super flexible and they are ideal for a yoga session or any other exercise regime. Our sommer women's tights and legacy high waist women's green tights are a perfect addition to your gym wardrobe. 

Our sports bras for women have full coverage and a supportive fit. Our Fiona women's blue bra has a cool design and top-notch fit to make your workout a success. 

Hummel’s jackets for women are ideal for wearing post-workout. The stylish design and attractive colours will spruce up the appeal of your gym wear by leaps and bounds. You should check out our Nayla women’s jacket for its impeccable colour pattern and relaxed fit. 

We also have an impressive range of hoodies and sweatshirts for women that can perk up your gym look and make you look super stylish. You can check out our website to explore an appealing range of hoodies and sweatshirts. 

Explore the range of other sportswear online at Hummel

If you haven’t already fallen for our sportswear collection, we have something more in store for you to mesmerise you completely. In addition to ladies' sportswear, we also have an expansive collection of 

We have a range of sneakers for women which can work as gym shoes for women or be used for a casual walk. You can check out our collection of women’s sneakers shoes and choose products as per your liking. 

Our collection of women’s slip-ons are perfect for easy wearing and they will be perfect for your walks. You can even team these up with your pair of favourite jeans and head out for a relaxed outing. 

Our women's slides and sandals come in attractive designs and colours, so that you can look super chic and stylish when you wear them while lounging. 

We have specially put together a range of gym shoes and trainers for women to enable them to indulge in an effective workout session. Our gym shoes are made for maximum comfort, support and agility. 

Furthermore, we also have a collection of 

We have an exquisite collection of women’s sports accessories including masks, backpacks, low socks, ankle socks etc. 

Furthermore, our range of Men's clothing includes 

Our men’s t-shirts are made from breathable and lightweight cotton to provide remarkable comfort and ease to the wearer. We also have attractive colours and designs in our men’s t-shirts so that you can enhance your style quotient without compromising on comfort. 

Our men’s shorts have been made with a special cotton sweat fabric and they will be a great addition to your workout wardrobe. They come in different colours and the fore you can choose the men’s shorts of your choice. 

We have a trendy collection of jackets for men, which can be worn to the gym or to a casual outing. 

Our hoodies and sweatshirts for men can be a quintessential part of your winter wardrobe as they are perfect for casual wear. 

Why choose Hummel?

Hummel pivots around the idea of creating comfortable and stylish sports, athleisure and yoga wear. We specialise in creating good quality apparel for men, women and children. Our clothes have been specifically designed to facilitate maximum comfort, style and agility. In order to make our clothes a cut above the rest, we have collaborated with the best designers to make sure that our sportswear online collection makes you stand out without compromising even a bit on your comfort. 


Q. Can you wear women's workout clothes casually?

Yes. You can use your workout clothes and style them in a number of ways in order to make them fit for casual wear. You can easily use our sweatshirts and hoodies and pair them up with your favourite pair of jeans and sneakers to create a relaxed and casual outfit. 

Q. How often should I wash women's sportswear?

It is advisable to wash women’s sportswear every time you wear them while working out. Sweat can cause a germ to build up and therefore it is important that you wash your sportswear properly after every use. 

Q. How does women's clothing affect performance in sports?

If your clothing is appropriate, then you will find yourself in a convenient position to work out because it enhances comfort and better ability to move around. In fact, comfortable clothing can play an active role in protecting you from unwarranted gym injuries as well. 

Q. How many days can you wear the same women's workout clothes?

It will depend upon the intensity of your workout. If you sweat a lot while gymming or if you like to engage in an intensive training session, then it is advisable to change your workout clothes daily. However, workout clothes worn for a light stroll can be repeated again the next day.