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About Women’s Sports Bra

Sports Bra was created by three women by the names of Lisa Lindahl, Hinda Miller, and Polly Smith, These women had been in the same predicament women like you face every single time any form of vigorous activity is involved (1). Going on weekly runs of thirty miles, in 1977 Lindahl came up with the idea of the sports bra (2).

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About Women’s Sports Bra

Sports Bra was created by three women by the names of Lisa Lindahl, Hinda Miller, and Polly Smith, These women had been in the same predicament women like you face every single time any form of vigorous activity is involved (1). Going on weekly runs of thirty miles, in 1977 Lindahl came up with the idea of the sports bra (2).

Throughout the passing years, sports bras have been designed in various styles, forms, and patterns to suit every woman’s taste as well as needs. Now women no longer have to wear two sports bras for an added layer of comfort and security, unlike Renelle Braaten. She played volleyball in the 80s and every time she had to exercise, she would wear two sports bras (3).

Today, there is a sports bra for every woman with a different body type, different style, and needs. Sports Bra has many other great health benefits and is not restricted to just getting through a workout painlessly and uncomfortably.

Women’s sports bras online are available in various colours, styles, patterns, and price ranges. You get to decide what you want and what would work best for you. At Hummel, these highly supportive sports bras are available in different sizes. They provide comfort and support throughout your entire workout.

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Benefits of Wearing Sports Bras

  • Comfortable:

Women’s sports bras are very popular for women in and out of the fitness industry. It can be worn when you’re heading out to the gym, for a quick run, but it can also be worn in the comfort of your home. Sports bras online are super comfortable and not to mention trendy. You can wear them anywhere and throw on a jacket or t-shirt depending on where you’re going.

  • Reduces pain during workout:

With a sports bra, you can be carefree and simply be yourself without having to worry about holding on to avoid pain and repetitive bouncing. Sports bras are made to reduce the movement of the breasts by compression while still providing comfort (4).

  • Prevent sagging of breasts:

Another great benefit of wearing a sports bra is that it holds your breasts firm and prevents continuously affecting your breast tissue. But a firm hold also prevents pain caused by stretching of the ligament which may lead to saggy skin around the stretched area. Women’s sports bras are great to keep your breasts pain-free, comfortable, and not saggy.

  • Maintains the breast shape:

Sports bras prevent sagging but they also maintain the shape of your breast. So wearing it daily would just keep your breast firm and in shape for longer than when you go without.

  • Confidence boost:

Running bras like these comfortable and seamless sports bras for women are perfect. You get a sense of freedom with no pain and absolute comfort. Being able to feel unrestricted, and like you can accomplish anything, you get a newfound confidence in yourself and your abilities. Not only are they absolutely comfortable, but they also provide support, and make you look good. This gives you the boost of confidence you need to tackle anything. 

  • Good performance:

When you perform rigorous activities, your breasts naturally bounce with your movements and that can be painful and withhold you from putting in more effort. But with a good pair of women’s running sports bras, you can boost your performance because sports bras secure your breasts which prevents them from bouncing. With the absence of pain from the bouncing, you are bound to go harder and go faster when you push yourself to do more.

  • Avoid judgy eyes:

When your breasts bounce, it feels like the whole world is looking at you in judgement. That can most times make you feel discomfort with all those eyes watching you. Because of that, you can withdraw inwards and not give your best while working out. In your sports bra, you have none of that because they confine your breasts and restrict movements while still providing comfort.

  • Style statement:

Today, sports bras are made in various designs and patterns that meet all women’s needs. Get sports bras that are interesting and match your personality. Be sure it provides support and comfort but that it is also stylish and fun in vibrant or dark colours.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q. How long can you safely wear a sports bra?

A: You can wear your sports bra all day long and only switch it out when it gets overly sweaty to prevent irritation. Be sure to wear a sports bra that is your perfect size, not loose and not too tight that it causes restriction and leaves harsh lines on your skin.

Q. Can you sleep in sports bras?

A: Sports bras are very comfortable to sleep in especially if they are soft and thin leisure sports bras and not thick ones for working out in. But yes, you can sleep in your sports bra.

Q. Which material is best for a sports bra?

A: Polyester, nylon, and lycra are the top materials for sports bras. They are moisture-wicking, lightweight, and breathable.

Q. How do you know if a sports bra fits?

A: You know a sports bra is the perfect fit for you when it’s tight enough to provide support but isn’t restrictive. It’s just tight enough that it doesn’t bite your skin and cause harsh lines.

Q. How to wash a sports bra properly?

A: Soak your sports bra in detergent for 20-30 minutes and scrub with your hands before you rinse it.

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