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Stay Cool And Comfortable In Stylish Gym Shorts For Men

Going for a few laps in the morning, training on the track, or hitting the gym, Hummel shorts for men have got you covered. While running or training in the gym, it's natural you will sweat, so pick the most comfortable gym shorts for men that allow your skin to breathe.

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Stay Cool And Comfortable In Stylish Gym Shorts For Men

Going for a few laps in the morning, training on the track, or hitting the gym, Hummel shorts for men have got you covered. While running or training in the gym, it's natural you will sweat, so pick the most comfortable gym shorts for men that allow your skin to breathe.

Today you can make a style statement with men sports shorts but did you know the earliest known example of shorts can be found as early as the 1800s in the Gorkha Army of Nepal? The British brought this style to their army and later on to Europe. Unlike Europe South East Asian countries face the brunt of summer, heat and humidity. However, the concept of shorts for men as we know them today was born in a tea house in Bermuda Island during World War I. 


Benefits & Advantages of wearing athletic shorts for guys


Men’s gym shorts provide you comfort and you feel confident in them. Thus you can look good, and feel better. There are various advantages of wearing men workout shorts while you are training or working out in the gym.

#1 High level of comfort

Men’s workout shorts bring a high level of comfort. The soft fabrics in Hummel gym shorts for men are super breathable and skin-friendly.

#2 Stay dry while you work out

These men's workout shorts are made from soft dry material that is sweat-absorbent making them super comfortable for you when you are sweating it out at the gym. The soft material in these gym shorts for men keeps you cool and comfortable keeping you focused on your workout.

#3 Flexibility and elasticity while you work out

If you are the one who plays a game, runs, jumps, and does strength training, you are going to need clothes that move with you. Else, you might feel restricted. Some materials lose their elasticity when they get wet from sweat. You need gym shorts for men that are flexible with their movement yet sturdy enough to stay in place.


Type of shorts for men perfect for workouts

There are several types of shorts for men available in the market like running shorts, Bermuda shorts, Madras shorts, cycling shorts, denim shorts etc. Not all types of athletic shorts for guys fit the purpose when you are trying to sweat it out. Choose running shorts or cycling shorts made with absorbent soft fabric if you are going to work out.

When to and when not to wear a shorts

Gym shorts for men are comfortable and you can wear them almost everywhere because it gives you freedom of movement and keeps you relaxed and dry. However, remember, men workout shorts are meant for informal and casual events.

So avoid wearing Gym shorts for men at

  1.     Weddings (unless it’s a beach wedding!)
  2.     Religious places or religious gatherings
  3.     Funerals
  4.     College or any educational institution
  5.     Job Interviews
  6.     Workplace
  7.     Client meetings
  8.     Formal Social Gatherings

But, they are so comfy right? Below are the places you should wear men sports shorts and flaunt them.

  1.     Gym (like obviously!)
  2.     Training
  3.     Running
  4.     Hiking
  5.     Travelling
  6.     At the Beach
  7.     By the Pool
  8.     On the Boat
  9.     Casual movie screening
  10. Dinner takeout
  11. Shopping at a mall
  12. Evening stroll


Select shorts according to your body type to be most comfortable in them.

#1 Athletic Builds – Shorts for men with big thighs

Athletic men with broad shoulders and narrow waist can wear any kind of gym shorts for men and look good and confident in them. Men with muscular bodies don’t choose loose shorts, pick a short that is of your size.

#2 Slim Builds – Shorts for men with skinny legs

Men with slim bodies and skinny legs can choose slim-fitting shorts. Avoid baggy shorts as they will make your torso and legs seem disproportionate.

#3 Dad Bods – Shorts for men with an average build

If you proudly flaunt a dad body and carry a little more weight around the midsection of your body it is better to avoid slim-fitting shorts. It will draw attention to the midsection unnecessarily. Instead, wear shorts that are slightly wider. Opt for straight-legged gym shorts for men.


Fabric plays an important role in the comfort


Today the sportswear market is flooded with a vast range of clothing items for every type of sports activity. Thus you need to choose the fabric carefully that suits you the best

When choosing the best gym shorts for guys the type of material should be one of the most important factors to consider. The look and feel of the product depend a lot on the fabric used.

When you’re exercising, the last thing you want is your clothing to feel uncomfortable. It distracts you from your workout. Choose a fabric that is soft but is also malleable and stretch resistant so you have full flexibility while working out. Cotton, spandex, Polyester, and Synthetic are all good options for gym shorts for men.

Fashionable Men Sports Shorts available online at Hummel


Hummel offers a wide range of premium men’s shorts for specific activities, be it running, hiking, training, athletics or hitting the gym - so there’s one for every kind of athlete. Hummel gym shorts for men are simply not your run-of-the-mill sportswear. At Hummel, we make top-quality running shorts for those who love the track.

The Hummel training pants for men feature an adjustable waist with a drawstring.  The gym shorts for men are made with soft sweat fabric in a cotton/polyester blend, giving you comfort and breathability. Their stretchy build guarantees total freedom of movement and help you perform well when you are sweating it out.

Our t-shirts for men come in solid colours as well as quirky designs and patterns to make you look stylish even when you work out.

Hummel is also the perfect destination for Men's sports accessories online. You get a plethora of choice to choose from - jackets for men, hoodies & sweatshirts for men, Gyms shoes for men, slip ons for men, slides & sandals for men and so on. Buy mens sports shorts online India on Hummel and get it delivered to your doorstep.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


Q1. Is shorts are the best clothing for the gym?

  1. Yes, athletic shorts for guys are the best clothing for gym paired with a t-shirt. It lets you move freely and keep you cool.

Q2. What types of shorts are easy and comfortable?

  1. Cycling shorts and running shorts are easy and comfortable to wear when you are working out. You can wear Bermuda shorts, Cargo shorts for casual strolls around the city or for travelling.

Q3. Can you wear athletic shorts casually?

  1. Gym shorts for men are meant for casual wear and should be avoided at formal gatherings like a wedding, workplace or job interview.

Q4. Are Hummel shorts comfortable for adults?

A. Yes, Hummel offers some of the best gym shorts for guys that gives perfect comfort and style.