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Sportswear Men’s Shoes 

Finding the right pair of sports shoes for men is challenging. It is more than the correct size. You need a pair of sports shoes for men that not only fit your feet like a glove but should be designed to enhance your active lifestyle. 

You don’t want shoes that look good but keep you ready to take on life. We need something comfortable yet good enough to keep you healthy. 

Did you know that the wrong pair of sports shoes for men can create many

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Sportswear Men’s Shoes 

Finding the right pair of sports shoes for men is challenging. It is more than the correct size. You need a pair of sports shoes for men that not only fit your feet like a glove but should be designed to enhance your active lifestyle. 

You don’t want shoes that look good but keep you ready to take on life. We need something comfortable yet good enough to keep you healthy. 

Did you know that the wrong pair of sports shoes for men can create many health hazards like improper body posture, spine issues, sudden calf sprains, etc.? 

This is why you need sports shoes for men that have all the characteristics of form and function. But that can be challenging, and Hummel brings you a vast range of Men’s shoes online in India and activewear online that are perfect for all kinds of active lifestyles you are interested in. 

Why is a Single Pair of Shoes For Men Not Perfect For All Kinds of Lifestyles? 

One size doesn’t fit all! And we can’t stress enough the importance of this notion for shoes. The men's shoes online that are perfect for trekking are not for running errands. Every activity is unique and needs different gear, including shoes for men that are comfortable and help you excel in those particular activities. 

For instance, if you are someone who follows an intensely active lifestyle and loves to do heavy workouts, then you need shoes that are sturdy but have a soft sole inside that supports your foot arch, keeping your posture perfect but also can take the heavy impact of the heavyweights easily without causing any strains. And if you are someone who loves light workouts, then go for sneakers or running shoes for men made of either suede or good quality fabric. 

Your sports shoes for men are more than just apparel. They are your friends, your partner in your struggles! They are your ally! 

And whom to trust someone who has been in the sports industry for more than a century? Hummel, a Danish brand, is someone who not only celebrates the wins but also supports you while you struggle to achieve new feats. Whether you need to scale up the mountain, walk 10,000 steps a day, or run through the city markets to grab a scoop of ice cream, we have all kinds of men’s shoes online shopping in India. We do it together! 

Hummel loves challenges! Our men’s footwear online collection is vibrant, sporty, sturdy, and designed for all kinds of lifestyles. 

Want to know more about our Men’s shoe collection? 

Pace Up With Hummel's Shoes For Men

Hummel is one of the oldest European footwear brands that have made a positive impact in the sports industry, especially in football and handball. Do you know that even the players of the renowned Real Madrid and Denmark National teams wore Hummel’s shoes for men? 

Yes! You heard us right! Even the best players in the industry stand by our products as a testimony to the international-grade quality that we always swear by. So, you can believe in us when we say that we are with you at every footstep

Before upgrading your shoe capsule, you need to check for some characteristics more than sartorial aesthetics. Whether you are a novice in an active lifestyle or someone who burns above 400 calories a day, your shoes are an integral part of your performance at the end of the day. Everything, even a small step, needs your feet. The first impact of your lifestyle is between your sole and the road. You need something supportive. 

Next, you need to choose according to your goals or your style of activities. For instance, if you want to start walking or running, go for lightweight shoes with a soft sole design like Hummel’s Seamless Men Black Sneaker. It supports the front portion of your feet and matches with you at every pace. If you are someone who loves to take it a notch up, like riding a bike or off-roading, then Hummel’s porter training shoes for men are perfect for you. With the sleek devil-may-care design, this pair of shoes for men adds an edge to your whole look while giving you a sturdy grip for such activities. 

If you are someone who needs to just walk around the city but want to look upbeat and sporty, then there’s a collection for you! 


Are you excited to know more about it? 

Sneaker Shoes for Men 

Shoes are a fundamental part of a men’s wardrobe, and we can’t deny it. Shoes for men have more aspects than covering your feet. You need to check for everything from comfortability to looks while buying a pair of shoes. Hummel’s Minneapolis Legend Men Grey Sneaker is a perfect example of how we combine the spirit of liberty and resilience with modern innovation. Buy men's shoes online in India from Hummel. 

And if you are a sneaker-head, then not only do you want to stand apart from the crowd, but you want something that has a durability quotient and stays with you for a while. Our Combat Terrafly Seamless Unisex shoes (which come in different colors) are casual and good enough for running errands. Whether it’s a friend’s backyard BBQ session or a last-minute fun date, you can wear these shoes and be ready to have a memorable time! 

Whether you like suede or canvas, sneakers never go out of style! It’s for everyone! 

Gyms shoes for men

People are becoming more aware of the necessity of a healthy life. Do you know that around 60% of people globally go to the gym at least thrice a week? This shows us how people choose to be active to stay fit and stay chronic lifestyle diseases free. But long gone are the days when it’s a necessity for you need to go to a gym for a workout. With the right equipment and apparel, you can make any place your gym. Whether you love heavy weight training sessions or HIIT, all you need is equipment, willpower, and apparel, including shoes! 

Yes! You heard us right! Shoes! 

Do you know that shoes can affect your posture? A wrong pair of shoes can lead you to many fatal injuries like backaches, issues with the spine, strain in calf muscles, etc. 

This is why Gym shoes for men are as important as the quality of the gym equipment. 

Do you want to know how? 

For instance, if you want to do cardio, you need shoes with a sole whose front portion is slightly higher than the back portion, like Hummel’s Reese Breaker Seamless Unisex Red Slip-Ons. 

If you are more into running, walking, or bicycling, then go for shoes with thick soles that cushion the impact of your feet, like Kiel with a Flyker Mesh upper with a high-quality sole. 

If you are into weight training, look for shoes with a proper arch below and a small uplift sole in the back. This help displaces the impact of the weight, allowing your feet to relax and enabling you to exercise for longer hours. 

It doesn’t matter if you go to the gym or bring the gym to your home. Hummel has shoes that are perfect for every setting. Our shoes would support you on every unknown terrain, and that's Hummel's promise! These have good gripping, which increases our ground-to-feet impact and ensures good motion control. Also, our shoes for men are versatile and are wardrobe staples for everyone. 

Slip Ons Shoes For Men

These men’s shoes are just a chef’s kiss if you love to travel! We recommend Slip Ons for men as a travel basic, and why not? 

Yes! We know that people love running shoes with laces! But can we ignore that it’s so easy to just slip on and off with such ease when you are running late to meet your friends at a rendezvous point or catching a flight? 

Hummel offers you such a vast collection of versatile, durable, and stylish Slip-Ons to add the oomph character to your whole apparel and makes you ready for a bonfire or a dinner at a lavish resort in just a minute!  

These men's footwear online are just at the intersection of comfort and style! 

Sliders Shoes for Men

Who wouldn’t want just to wiggle their toes and let their feet breathe after wearing covered shoes for a while? Yes! We understand that silent cry. 

So, Hummel offers you a collection of Sliders and Flip-Flops for Men & Women.

Whether lounging in your house or just by the coast, sliders are perfect for these occasions. We offer you slides/flip-flops in various colors, which are super comfortable! And what else? You can wear them either at home or for a stroll in the park!

Most of our shoe lovers choose Hummels’ Classic Men Grey Sliders because of the neutral tone with the comfortable sole that makes them a perfect pair to wear at home or for vacation! 

Choose The Best to Plant Your Feet Firmly

Hummel’s men’s shoes have been a fan favorite since 1923. And it’s because our shoes offer you more than comfortability, functionality, and endurance levels. Athletic shoes have become ubiquitous, including men’s shoes. And Hummel offers you shoes that strike between fashion and function. While keeping in mind the high-intensity activities, we designed our shoes which have function and protection as the core, with contemporary designs that go with all kinds of outfits! 

Our shoes are durable, versatile, and come in colors that fit every occasion. Whether it’s running for office or a marathon, travelling, or playing a football game, our shoes give you the “I-Could-Workout-every-moment-of-my-life” kind of motivation. With soft, air cushioning, breathable and lightweight shoes, your body will get a good amount of support and help you do any workouts you want. 

What are you waiting for? 

It’s time to join the Hummel Community and pledge to a healthy life with a dash of style!