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Stay warm and stylish with winter sportswear

Sportswear came into existence in the 1870s when a Britisher named John Redfern started designing categorical garments for women who liked to play tennis, archery etc. (1) Subsequently, this special type of clothi

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Stay warm and stylish with winter sportswear

Sportswear came into existence in the 1870s when a Britisher named John Redfern started designing categorical garments for women who liked to play tennis, archery etc. (1) Subsequently, this special type of clothing reached Paris where it was made and sold to people who went to watch sports instead of actually playing them. Over the years, sportswear has undergone tremendous evolution, owing to a deeper understanding of the science of fabrics and a greater inclination of people to stay fit, active and agile.

Winter sportswear refers to winter outfits that you choose to wear while playing a sport or while working out to enable yourself to move with ease, in dose perfection in your workout form and enhance the efficacy of the exercise or sport that you are indulging in.

Reasons to buy winter wear from hummel

The benefits of buying winter activewear from hummel can be attributed to the following reasons:

  • We use moisture-wicking fabric for making our winter sportswear 

Our sportswear for winter is made with a special fabric that wicks away your sweat. This allows better breathability for your skin.

  • Supreme comfort 

Comfort is of utmost importance when it comes to sportswear. Our winter outfits are designed to impart maximum comfort to you so that you perform your workout with enhanced ease and support.

  • Top-notch style quotient 

The range of our winter wear which is specifically designed for sports activities will make sure that you work out in style. When you look good, you feel good and when you feel good, you will be automatically motivated to perform to the best of your capability. 

Furthermore, our winter clothes for women and winter clothes for men are the perfect combination of comfort and style.

  • It enhances the impact of your workout session 

Optimum and firm support is essential if you wish to perfect your form while performing. Our winter sportswear specifically targets this aspect and alleviates any issues related to it by virtue of the quality and fit of our clothes. 

Choose from a wide range of winter activewear at hummel

We have put together a range of sportswear for winter for both men and women.

For Men

  • Viktor jacket 

This neon green Viktor jacket will make you stand out when you step out in this. You can wear it to the gym or for a walk. The full zip closure and then the logo detailing on one side add oodles of charm to this jacket. It will be one of the best additions to your winter outfits.

  • Samy men's blue pants 

These pants are made for comfort and they are going to become your favourite this season. The handy side pockets and the bumblebee hummel logo significantly spruce up the appeal of these Samy blue pants for men.

  • Lgc Musa men’s hoodie

This Lgc Musa men’s hoodie is the perfect personification of cool, casual and comfy. You can wear it to the gym or while lounging at home. 

For Women

Our winter clothes for women that are meant for activewear are designed for impeccable comfort and superb style.

  • Sandra tapered women's pink pants 

These pants are made with 100 per cent cotton to impart maximum breathability. The side pockets and the tapered fit add to the comfort, functionality and appeal of these Sandra tapered pink pants for women.

  • Nayla women's jacket 

This cosy and comfy Nayla jacket for women is apt for activewear and in addition to that, you can even team it up with your favourite jeans and head out for a casual evening.

  • Noni hoodie

This classic black Noni hoodie is the most adaptable garment that you can have in your winter wardrobe because this will look good with almost everything. The hummel logo detailing in the centre breaks the solid colour monotony of the hoodie and gives it a trendy look.

Explore other sportswear at hummel

In addition to winter sportswear, we also have an expansive range of: 

Women's clothing:

  • Women's sweatshirts & hoodies

Our women's sweatshirts and hoodies are available in attractive colours and stylish patterns. You can take your pick from our expansive collection if you are planning to update your wardrobe.

  • Training pants for women

Our training pants for women come in different fits and colours. This allows our customers to choose products as per their liking.

  • Women jackets

We have a full zip closure, half zip and various other styles in women’s jackets for you to choose from.

Men's clothing:

  • Jackets for men

Jackets are an essential part of your winter wardrobe and if you have been looking to buy some good quality and comfortable jackets for men, we have you sorted. 

  • Hoodies & sweatshirts for men

There is something so cool and relaxed about men’s sweatshirts & hoodies. They are perfect for lounging and casual wear. You can take a look at our collection to choose the best hoodies and sweatshirts for yourself.

  • Training pants for men

We understand the importance of comfort when it comes to athleisure and sportswear. Our training pants for men are tailor-made for but just support and comfort but style as well. 

Why choose hummel?

Hummel's ideology is centred around the idea of encouraging people to lead a healthy lifestyle by virtue of our clothing range. We have a bespoke range of athleisure wear, gym wear and sportswear for men and women. Our clothes pay categorical attention to providing outstanding convenience to the wearer while making him/her look good as well.


Q. What type of fabric is used for winter sportswear?

Winter sportswear should be made from a fabric that has moisture absorption properties. This will allow the wearer to stay dry and comfortable while wearing the garment.

Q. How many layers of sports clothes should you wear in winter?

It is not advisable to not put on too many layers of sports clothes in winter because you want to allow your skin to breathe while you work out or play any sport. So 2-3 layers are enough.

Q. Is it better to wear loose or tight sports clothes in the winter?

It depends on the person and their individual choice. Some people prefer wearing form-fitting sports clothes for augmented support while others like dressing up in loose clothing for more comfort.