Your Personality According To Your Sportswear Styles

Your Personality According To Your Sportswear Styles

When you think about your sportswear, you think about comfort and functionality. For most people style comes after those things, for others, it comes first. Whichever position you factor in ‘style’ while choosing your sportswear, either first or last, it still remains a factor.

Your style can say a lot about you as a person because it is an extension of your personality. Most people’s style is a mirror of their personality, of who they are at that moment in time. Other people’s style is a mirror of who they want to be, or who they strive to be. Regardless of what yours is, your style remains the way in which you express yourself.

Are you the type of person who goes for solid colours, or patterned and striped? Do you have a particular go-to fabric for your sportswear?

A lot of people prefer sportswear with more fabric to conceal more skin while others think less is more, and prefer it. To each his own, for once you know what style is yours and what style isn’t, confidence is inevitable.

If you are comfortable in the style of sportswear you have on, so much so that it represents either you or who you strive to be, then you have an instant confidence boost. And we all can use a bit of confidence once in a while, especially during workouts and exercise.

Here, you’re going to be seeing some personality according to your sportswear styles. So, keep reading to find out what your activewear says about you.

Personality according to the activewear you choose

  • No-Nonsense All Black:

Black signifies elegance and power. If you go for black it shows that you are serious and reliable. So, wearing head-to-toe all-black sportswear to the gym shows that you aren’t there to play. You are focused and determined, and you are there to achieve what you came there to achieve. You are most likely shuffling all your tasks, personal and professional, and you try to be efficient. Rotating your head-to-toe all-black outfits is easier. It makes you a quick decision maker so you have time to focus on other things. Dawning yourself in black from head to toe can feel like putting on an armour.

  • Go bold:

Are you the type to go bold? Well, that shows that you might be self-assured and confident. Or, you want to be confident and self-assured. Going for a bold look, either pairing two different colours or one shows that you are confident in your skin, your body, and your workout aptitude. Sportswear with bold colours draws people’s attention towards you, so you aren’t someone with low self-esteem. Or, you don’t want to seem that way. Bold colours set you apart from the crowd and you can easily be spotted.

Bright, bold colours have a way of brightening up your mood, making you happy and excited to work out.

  • Hop on the new trend:

If trying out new trends is something you like and/or do, that makes you open-minded. You’re ok with stepping out of your comfort zone and trying out new things. But it can also mean you haven’t found a style that defines you and your personality. People see you as the type of person who changes their commitments based on what’s trending. But there is a chance you will find something that works best for you and stick with it.

  • Old and easy-going:

You are easy-going and laid back if you grab an old t-shirt to get into your workout. You are simple and unperturbed about your looks, but it can also mean you couldn’t care less about your look. Or you aren’t dedicated to getting your heart pumping regularly. Showing up in an old tee or sweats to work out might show that you aren’t diligent or there to do/give your best.

  • Sets that match:

Are you the type to wear matching sets? You are likely a type-A, that is you are organised, competitive, and very detailed. You like things to go a certain way which is mostly the way you’ve planned it to go. You give everything you do your best regardless of whatever mood you’re in. You work out to do away with your negative mood and you’re probably aware of what other people in the gym think of you.

Investing in yourself, like buying matching sets of sportswear to workout in and other personal things is fine by you.


Now you know what your activewear style says about your personality. Whatever your style is, it is your own and you rock it! If it is a mix of some of the style personalities mentioned above, that’s great too. It shouldn’t be one or the other, it can be multiple or even a bit of everything. No matter what your personality is according to your sportswear style might be, Hummel has got you covered.

Hummel has sportswear/activewear available for any and all styles, sizes, and activities just for you. Hummel brings to you only the best sportswear/activewear designed with durable fabrics. These fabrics are sweat-wicking and antimicrobial fabrics designed to suit your style and personality. Be it the no-nonsense all-black, matching sets, a pop of something bold, something old, or something that’s trending, Hummel has got it all.

These various styles of activewear/sportswear at Hummel are available for any/all activities you have planned for the day. A run/jog in the park or the gym, a rigorous workout session, or a few minutes/hours in a yoga or pilates class. There is a style for you that you can wear to any of those activities. Fitted, Loose, or Baggy, whichever you’ve found works best for you. Solid, striped, or patterned, your way is the only way.

From clothing to footwear, these activewear are available for both men and women at different price ranges. So, whatever your style is, slay in your style and every style with Hummel’s activewear.

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