5 Ultimate Tips to Pair Up Your Sportswear as Streetwear

5 Ultimate Tips to Pair Up Your Sportswear as Streetwear

Your sportswear is not just meant for your gym. Since they are so comfortable it can be worn casually almost anywhere. The athleisure trend is a great way to combine sportswear as streetwear and be comfortable throughout the day. Pairing sportswear as streetwear is the hottest trend in fashion right now. In this post let us look at how you can pair up your sportswear as streetwear and bring out your cool side.

What is a sportswear as streetwear Look?

Combining gym clothing or your sportswear with leisure wear makes athleisure wear. This sportswear streetwear look is socially acceptable and keeps you comfortable. Most of our sportswear is designed to keep your comfort level in mind. The gym shorts or yoga pants are super comfortable to wear for longer periods. You don’t feel uncomfortable even if you are sweating because sportswear is made of special moisture-wicking materials like polyester, nylon, polypropylene etc. When paired with streetwear, it gives you a unique casual look. Thus combining streetwear with sportswear has become a hit trend across the globe.

How to pair sportswear as streetwear?

Achieving this look can take some finesse. You cannot wear yoga pants with a t-shirt with slippers and call it a sportswear streetwear athleisure look. You need to understand a few fundamentals of pairing clothes to create a casual look. Always keep in mind your outfit look should:

  • Clean
  • A mix of both sportswear and streetwear
  • Have some colour element
  • Paired with perfect casual shoes
  • Comfortable

5 ways to pair up your sportswear as streetwear


Wondering how to style sportswear as streetwear and look perfect for your day out? We are here to help you with 7 tips to pair up your sportswear as streetwear.

#1 Gym Tee & Joggers for a Day Out

Pick up a fresh cotton gym tee and pair it with sweatpants, joggers, or even denim to create a fresh sportswear as streetwear look. You will be comfortable in the joggers and gym tee throughout the day. You can also choose a gym tee with moisture-wicking material for the summer and pair it with a jogger. Glide into a slip-on or a sneaker and you are good to go.


This kind of look is perfectly suited for

  • A day out with friends
  • Running errands
  • Catching a movie


#2 Structure your sportswear as streetwear look with shirts or jackets

To avoid looking frumpy, add some structure to your athleisure. Pick one sportswear item and pair it with other casual wear. Pairing sweatpants with a t-shirt is easy but when you add structure to it the look comes out even better. Combine track pants with a crisp white tee. You can also layer it with a casual shirt along with the t-shirt. Men’s jacket can pull the look together and structure to your look.

This kind of look is perfectly suited for

  • A day out with friends
  • Sunday brunch
  • Trip to the mall
  • Shopping


#3 Play with Texture 


When you want to pair sportswear as streetwear don’t forget the element of texture. Here’s how you can add texture to your look.

  • Add a silk scarf to your neck for a chic look. You can also use the scarf as a headband to turn it into a boho look.
  • Leather-look-leggings with your sportswear will create a good contrast.
  • Velvet bomber jacket with your sweatpants can give you the edgy look.


All of these formal semi-formal elements can be paired to get texture in a sportswear streetwear look.

This kind of look is perfectly suited for

  • Casual evenings
  • Date night
  • Trip to the mall
  • Shopping


#4 Correct Footwear


When talking about sportswear as streetwear it doesn’t necessarily mean you need to wear sports shoes or sneakers only. You can style your look with even comfortable slip-ons of women or even pair heels with joggers. hummel has some of the best bright colourful sneakers for women and men for adding colour to your look.

This contrast can be worn on different occasions like:

  • Casual evenings
  • Travel
  • Shopping


#5 Add a pop of colour


Casual look calls for a pop of colour. This doesn’t mean, however, that you need to stick to safe colours, like black, white, blue, and grey. Play up your palate for sportswear. For women the colour options are vast. Get your hot pinks, bright reds, and oranges out and pair them with neutral bottom wear. You can even pair hot pink yoga pants with neutral tees or dark tees. Men can also add a pop of colour to their sportswear streetwear look with neon gym tees and colored sneakers. You can also pair a bright men’s jacket for a colourful look.

3 tips to slay in sportswear

#1 Be Clean

Don’t end up wearing your gym tee for a casual look if you have worked out in it that morning. Keep your sportswear streetwear look clean. Your gym tee should be clean and free of any sweat stains if you want sportswear as streetwear. 

#2 Hairstyles

Never forget the power of a cool hairstyle for any look that you want to pull. Stressed and messy hair can be quickly put into a messy hairdo if you are short of time. Tidy polished hairstyles look great while you are trying to style sportswear as streetwear. Chic French twist, High Pony, and Feathered loose plaits can all be styled with this kind of look.

#3 Accessorize

Accessories are a big part of your casual look. Feather shoulder-dusting earrings, or some clanky metallic earrings – you can experiment with accessories that bring out your style. You can style layered necklaces and chunky rings with your sportswear streetwear look. A little bling can go a long way and turn your activewear into an incredible street-style look.



Sportswear or streetwear – nothing is complete without comfortable clothing. Fashion doesn’t need to be uncomfortable. Choose a sportswear streetwear look while traveling to stay at ease throughout the day. As you learn how to style sportswear as streetwear you can pull these off for your airport looks to ensure an easy and comfy flight time. Stay comfortable, stay stylish.
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