Top 10 Activewear Essentials For Women

Top 10 Activewear Essentials For Women

If you have an active fitness life then this is for you!

Although, if you don’t have one, these activewear/sportswear essentials you’re going to read about are great clothing pieces to have. Not just because of how comfortable they all are but also because they all have incredible benefits you don’t want to miss out on.

Active wears/Sportswears are mostly worn for sports, exercise, or workouts and other times, women just simply wear them in the comfort of their homes because they’re that comfy. These gym essentials for women that you’re going to be reading about, not only boost your performance during your workout but also make you look good while doing it. That is a big bonus.

Without further ado, here are Must-Have Sportswear Essentials for women.

Essential Sportswear for Ladies

  • Sports Bra:

This is a number one must-have for women. If you know the struggle or inconvenience of having to work out in a normal bra, then you know there’s no other way to go than with a sports bra. A high impact sports bra does more than provide support while you work out. It reduces the pain and discomfort as well as prevents your breast from sagging. All of this leaves you focused which promotes good performance while working out. A sports bra is definitely number one on the list of gym essentials for women. Hummel’s wide range of sports bras provides all the necessary benefits that come with a sports bra and then some.

  • Sports T-shirts/Top:

If you think throwing on any t-shirt right from your closet would work, well, don’t want to burst your bubble but no, it doesn’t. Is it uncomfortable? Does it restrict your movement or hinder your performance? If yes, then it’s not the t-shirt you should be wearing. You need to think practical and go for a T-shirt that ticks all the boxes of function. One of women’s sportswear essentials is a sweat-wicking t-shirt that helps you stay sweat-free throughout your workout session. No worries, you don’t have to go looking for women’s sports t-shirts with sweat-wicking materials because Hummel has got you covered. Hummel has t-shirts made of sweat-wicking materials like polyester that you can’t sleep on.

  • Running Pants and Yoga Pants:

While a fitted pair of pants is good for yoga and running, remember that they shouldn’t be too tight and restrictive. Running pants or yoga pants should be lightweight and comfortable, as well as easy to move in. They should also be breathable and sweat-wicking. Find your right size and fit of Yoga pants and running pants here at Hummel.

  • Tights:

For bottoms, tights are another way to go. Tights like yoga pants should provide support and no resistance. They have great benefits that help you boost your performance. Like yoga pants, because of their fitted material, it boosts not only your performance but your confidence as well. You can have a pair or two of tights and yoga pants, maybe more, if you desire. Hummel’s wide range of tights for women are made of breathable fabrics and come in different sizes and styles to match your personality and mood.

  • Shorts:

Shorts are another way to go. They are less fitting and more freeing and lightweight. But shorts provide some, if not all, of the benefits that tights and yoga pants do. Just like the other bottom options, you can wear these items of clothing in your home to simply lounge around. They are comfortable, soft on the skin, and lightweight. Hummel’s shorts for women are so lightweight that you would hardly notice you’ve got something on.

  • Shoes:

Here is another must-have sportswear essential for women. Your shoes or trainers should be your right fit and not too small. Your shoes/trainers like your sportswear should be lightweight, breathable and comfortable. The most important thing your trainers should have is EVA - Ethyl Vinyl-Acetate (That is a material used on the soles of trainers that make them stretchy and soft beneath your feet). EVA is an important material, the sole of your trainers should have. The Hummel trainers are made with EVA and are definitely something you need to get your hands on. This makes your trainers lightweight, flexible, durable and helps absorb shock (1).

  • Training Socks:

What are your trainers without the right pair of socks to go with them? Socks are important and if you’re the type who doesn’t wear socks with their shoes, you have and need to wear one while heading out to the gym or working out anywhere. Socks prevent you from getting blisters which is something to avoid if you want to work out every day or on alternating days. Your socks for working out should be sweat-wicking and should have extra protection in places to prevent blisters and chafing.

The following are not activewear but are other essentials you need when heading out to the gym.

  • Water Bottle:

During your workout or training, you lose a lot of water which makes you dehydrated and thirsty (2). This is why you need to take along with you your own reusable bottle of water or sipper to the gym. This gym essential is not just for women but for everyone that goes to the gym.

  • Towel:

When you workout, you sweat a lot and the listed activewear essentials by Hummel are sweat-wicking activewear and breathable. So, what do you need the towel for? Well, the places that these activewears don’t cover like your face and neck. It gets really uncomfortable when you have to keep working out with sweat dripping down your face and your neck. So, invest in a soft fabric towel.

  •  Gym Bags:

All of these items and nowhere to put them? That’s where a gym back comes into play. Most people have to head to work directly from the gym, so they use the gym bathrooms to freshen up. Your gym bag can contain your change of clothes and other things like your water bottle and towel. This is one of the many gym essentials for women and men.

All these are essential sportswear for ladies that you can’t skip and miss out on their great benefits, not just for you, but for your performance as well.


If you’re getting started on your fitness journey or you’ve been on this journey for a short while or for longer, remember that your gym wear should be comfortable and not restrictive. If you’ve noticed the discomfort while working out or the restrictions while you move during pilates or yoga, then you need to start thinking of getting more comfortable activewear. Also, if you’re just starting out and you’re looking for somewhere to get your activewear from, then check out Hummel.

Hummel is your one pit stop for all your activewear essentials available for men and women in different styles and sizes to suit your needs. At Hummel, you can get a few pairs of activewear and mix and match them. They are soft, comfortable and sweat-wicking.

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