Sweat and Style: Everyone Can Be A Fitness Icon

Sweat and Style: Everyone Can Be A Fitness Icon

Workouts mean sweating while you power through your limits. But who said that you couldn’t look good in the gym? Who said you couldn’t style or look good even when sweating? 

“Dress for success”. This notion is not only for business and casuals but also for your gym arenas. With Hummel, you can now style and sweat together because you all deserve to be a fashion fitness icon. You must dress up that not only makes you comfortable but also makes you feel good about yourself. During the global pandemic, the line blurred between high fashion and athleisure, which made people realise the importance of a healthy body and mind. People started to become more health-conscious, which affected the impact of athleisure in daily life. And this we can prove with the recent Instagram posts and trends amongst all generations where people opt for athleisure clothes, not only for sports activities but also for daily wear. 

Your living room can also be your gym. And who said that you couldn’t be a fashionista while sweating? Whether you get a gym membership or work out from home, you can still click fashionable photos that are Instagrammable after working out or run for a quick grocery shopping? 

Also, how we dress does affect our whole performance. It gives us that extra nudge on days when we feel lethargy to continue with our active lifestyle. When you feel good about yourself, you feel energized and motivated to work towards your goals! 

Now, while you work your way to an active lifestyle, you can inspire many others to flaunt who they are with a little workout wear wardrobe. And to help you out, we have come up with some amazing workout outfit ideas that you can choose to train in and click your pictures to track your progress! 

Basic Guide for Workout Outfits

Before we jump in with ideas that would make you a fitness icon, we need to understand some fundamental workout outfit styling guidelines that would help you intersect “Form and Function” together. 

Always choose clothes that fit you! 

Ensure to always select clothes or any athleisure apparel that fits you perfectly. Avoid any kind of clothes that is tight or way too loose. Now, tight clothes would restrict your mobility, while extra baggy clothes would hinder your movement, especially when you have to work out weights and machines. Choose clothes that are just loose but yet fit you snugly. 

Quality of Fabric is essential.

Before you start adding athleisure apparel to your cart, always check the product description to understand what kind of fabric the cloth is made with. Go for fabrics that dry up fast and are breathable. You don’t want clothes that don't absorb body heat and make you sweat profusely. Also, if the cloth doesn’t dry up fast, you may become prone to multiple skin issues due to bacteria development in the cloth. Also, sweaty clothes become a cause of foul body odour! Now, we don’t want that, do we? 

Function over Fashion. Always! 

When choosing clothes for an active lifestyle, always choose function over fashion. Trust us. Whether a fashion enthusiast or not, you don’t want to injure yourself because of a fashion gaffe. In this arena, less is more! Choose clothes that enhance your performance and do not become a hassle during your workout sessions! 

Clothes change with the seasons! 

Every season needs a different type of athleisure clothing. Always factor in factors like humidity, weather, temperature, wind resistance, insulation, etc. What works for summer won’t be perfect for winter! So, be careful about this point! 

Say No to accessories! 

Avoid all kinds of accessories in the gym. Say bye-bye to pendants, bracelets and earrings when you plan to work out, especially in the gym. You can wear a smartwatch to keep track of your progress, but other than this, you should not wear anything. Trust us. You don’t want a pendant getting stuck in your gym machines. 

Get Creative with Your Sportswear Wardrobe

Now that we have covered the fundamentals guidelines, let’s look at some fashion ideas that every fashion police and enthusiast would say nothing but YES! 

It’s time to up your fashion game! The goal is to become a fashion icon! 

Say Yes to Co-ords!

Co-ords are for everyone. Irrespective of who you are or how you identify yourself, co-ords are a must-have! It’s more than just a quintessential workout outfit. If someday you don’t know what to wear, done your co-ords with a pair of sports shoes and hit for your goal! 

Many sports and fitness enthusiasts have made co-ords a fashion like Parineeti Chopra, Kiara Advani, Nora Fatehi, Vijay Devarakonda, Hardik Pandya, etc. 

Wondering how to wear them and still make them a fashion statement? 

  • You can either wear an overall Co-ords set of black and grey colour. This is perfect for those days when you have a heavy workout session. 
  • You can wear Co-Ords pants with a sports bra or a tee-shirt! You are ready to hit the gym and flex while posing for your next Instagram post! 

Sports Bra: A new fashion icon! 

Don’t we all know the importance of the right sports bra for an active lifestyle? But who said we couldn’t make it fashionable while finding a sports bra that suits our body type? 

Instagram influencers like Malaika Arora, Carly Rowena, Deepika Padukon, and Vanessa Hudgens have proven that sports bras are more than just gym wear. They have also flaunted wearing chic, amazing sports bras, even for casual events or simple outings! 

Who said that you can’t? It’s time to be bold! Go for sports bras with lots of colours and prints! You can also go for several sports bras like compression and encapsulation bras. If you want to take it a notch up, go for criss-cross sports bras and racerback bras that you can easily team up with women’s joggers and tight pants. Also, you can even add an open jacket to complete your look. 

This whole outfit is perfect for both gyms and casual events. Now, sweat in style! 

Sweatshirts: Always a trend! 

How many of you love to spend your whole day in a Sweatshirt? If yes, then let’s add it up to your workout wardrobe! Sweatshirts are perfect for those days when you need to hit the road, like running for a marathon or around the city. They are comfortable and fashionable, only if you choose the best sweatshirts. 

Choose sweatshirts with colours and prints! They are even perfect for the winter season or days when it’s cold. It will keep you comfortable while providing you with enough insulation! Also, with the right prints and colours, you are Instagrammable ready! Team it with a pair of men’s joggers or leggings! You can also wear sweatshirts with gym shorts or yoga shorts! 

Celebrities like Ryan Gosling, Drake, Siddharth Malhotra, Vicky Kaushal, Dwane Johnson have played a major role making Sweatshirts a global trend! 

Time for Tee-Space! 

The one apparel that one can wear almost anywhere is a T-Shirt! So, we don’t see why we can’t play with our T-Shirt for gym wear! Go bold with colours for choosing T-Shirts/tops for women! Be daring with impactful graphics and motivational quotes with your T-shirt! Choose a T-Shirt that fits you snugly but makes you stand apart from the crowd! Team your men’s T-Shirts with a pair of Joggers and trainer shoes to complete your outfit! Now, flex your goals and body like a fitness icon! 

These are some ways you can up your fashion game without worrying about sweating. Explore the range of Hummel that offers you contemporary athleisure apparel beyond the active lifestyle! Now, track your goals with style!
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