Sliders, Slip-Ons & Sandals: Men's Casual Shoes Guide to Choose Perfect Footwear

Sliders, Slip-Ons & Sandals: Men's Casual Shoes Guide to Choose Perfect Footwear

Casual Footwear is the new ‘in’ thing in the men’s fashion scene. With their acceptance at the workplace or even parties, casual shoes have come a long way. A stylish pair of casual footwear can add that comfortable and effortless touch to your look. Do you often find yourself in a fix on how to choose casual footwear? Worry not, in this post let us share men’s casual shoes guide to help you out.

Men’s footwear has evolved and today they add much-needed aestheticism to men’s fashion. Casual shoes are quite popular with men for their versatility and comfort factor. However, choosing the perfect pair of a casual shoes with your look is vital because the wrong pair of shoes can break the look. Follow our casual footwear guide for guys to learn how to choose casual footwear so that you never fall prey to a fashion faux pass. In this men’s casual shoes guide we’ll share how you can style your look with different clothes and pair them with casual footwear.

What are the Different kinds of casual shoes for men?

Men’s casual shoes are in trend today and brands are coming up with a plethora of styles. There are various kinds of casual shoes for men that you can style for different occasions. Some of them are

  1. Slip-ons
  2. Sliders
  3. Sandals
  4. Sneakers
  5. Loafers
  6. Espadrilles
  7. Boat Shoes
  8. Moccasins


Why are Casual Shoes so popular?


Casual Shoes can be paired with a variety of outfits to suit your occasion. Be it a T-shirt and jeans Friday Look at the workplace or for a social gathering. Their popularity lies in the fact that they offer maximum comfort, are easy to put on, and their versatility. They offer functionality like no other shoe where you don’t have to tie a lace or fix a buckle or strap.

There are very few shoes in the men’s footwear category that are stylish, trendy, and versatile at the same time. While sneakers can have your soft spot you can never undermine the functionality and ease that Men's casual shoes offer. You can practically wear all of the men’s casual shoes without even bending down or touching them with your hands – just glide on and get going! In our men’s casual shoes guide we’ll pick some of these casual shoes and suggest styles you can try.


Men's casual shoes guide to choose perfect footwear 

Now that you know how versatile it can be let’s check out the men’s casual shoes guide where we share how to choose casual footwear and pair them with outfits for a comfy yet trendy look.

#1 Men's slips ons 

The first on our list of men’s casual shoes guide is the very popular slip-on shoes. They have a reputation for being one of the most comfortable casual men’s shoe designs. Men’s Slip-on shoes can be versatile design and extremely comfortable. They are perfect for warm weather where you do not need to wear socks. Just slip into the shoe and get going. Shirts, T-shirts, denim, chinos and shorts, and slip-ons are the most comfortable ones on our men's casual shoes guide.

Here are some ways you can style men’s slip-ons.

  • Leisure travel look – Pair Hummel Reese Breaker Seamless Unisex White Slip-Ons with cargo shorts and breezy shirts or crew neck t-shirts for an effortless leisure travel look. Don’t forget your sunglasses to add style to your look.


  • Social Gathering – Going out for a drink with friends? Pair Hummel Tatum Seamless Unisex Dark Blue Slip-On with smart trousers and a casual shirt for a relaxed evening. 

Wear it for-

  • Brunch / social gathering
  • Leisure travel
  • Mall hopping
  • Fridays at Workplace


Avoid on

  • Formal or semi-formal events
  • Clubbing with dress code
  • Beach
  • Pool parties


#2 Men's sliders

Men’s sliders are our choice for comfort in our men’s casual shoes guide. The ease with which your feet can just slide in these beats everything else. They can be worn for a casual outing, for running errands, or even for a walk to the grocery store. Men’s sliders are your go-to option when you are in a hurry.

They are especially comfortable for hot and humid climates because they allow rapid air circulation to keep your feet comfortable. Are you wondering how they can be styled? Read on.

  • Casual Look – Pair Hummel Chunk Men Slides with jeans and a t-shirt for a quick trip to the grocery.
  • Brunch look – Going out on a brunch or meeting a friend for coffee? Pair Hummel Camp Men Colour Block Slides with white trousers or cargo pants.
  • Pool Party - Pair Hummel Pool Side Retro Unisex Slide with a bright breezy shirt and shorts for your next pool party. 

Wear it for

  • Running errands
  • Weekends with friends
  • Pool parties


Avoid on

  • Formal or semi-formal events
  • Party/Club night
  • Date night


#3 Men's sandals

Despite popular belief, sandals can be extremely stylish men’s footwear. They can be styled in various ways for different occasions. Sandals are pretty breathable, nicely crafted, and allow enough air circulation for hot climates like ours. They are so popular among men because they are very comfortable.

Men’s sandals can be worn when you are heading out for a casual evening walk or strolling through a mall. Sandals are not just perfect for monsoons it can be worn around the year in a tropical climate.


Casual Look – pair men’s sandals with chinos or cargo pants to break the monotony from sneakers

Friday Workplace Look – If your workplace allows relaxed dressing on Friday, wear a comfortable pair of sandals.

Sandals and slides are the most casual ones in our casual footwear guide for guys and cannot be worn everywhere. However, leather sandals are perfect to be paired with Indian Ethnic wear.

 Wear it for

  • Running errands
  • Weekends with friends
  • Pool parties


Avoid on

  • Formal or semi-formal events
  • Party/Club night
  • Date night
  • Western weddings


What to check while choosing a casual footwear?

We suggest getting shoes from well-known brands so that you get your value for money. But while following the men’s casual shoes guide remember to check the following before buying a pair of casual shoes.


  1. Comfort & Fit Matters – There’s no point in owning different shoes but compromising on fit and comfort. Buy men’s slip-ons with at least half an inch of space in front. Check your foot size before you buy.
  2. Wear before buying – It is better to wear casual shoes before buying to check the fit. Buy casual shoes online on Hummel because you get 7-day return policy and easy refunds in case the fit is not correct.


Casual shoes for men are in trend because they are so comfortable and fuss-free without any laces or buckles or straps. But they are prone to more wear and tear than your formal shoes. Thus getting the right pair from a known brand like Hummel is extremely important. Whatever, maybe your fashion style – ethnic, contemporary, or classic you’ll have no problem in style casual shoes for different occasions.

We hope our men’s casual shoes guide will help you to choose your perfect footwear!
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