Benefits of wearing sports bra during work out

Say ‘Hi’ to Sports Bra - Reasons why you should go for sports bra while working out

Do you know how uncomfortable it is to jog, run or exercise in a normal bra?

If you do, then you either own one or a few sports bras or you’re looking for/researching to invest in one, or a few that’s right for you. Whichever it is, you’ve come to the right place.

The Sports Bra you know of and wear today was created by three women, Hinda Miller, Lisa Lindahl and Polly Smith, who had been in a similar predicament you face every time you have to do some kind of vigorous activity (1). Lindahl, who ran thirty miles a week, came up with the idea in 1977 (2). Over the years, the sports bra has been made to suit every unique woman’s needs, unlike Renelle Braaten who had to wear two sports bras every time she played volleyball or exercised in the 80s (3).

Now, there's a sports bra for gym workout for every woman out there, and there’s no need to double up on sports bras.

Sports Bra has so many health benefits asides keeping you from feeling uncomfortable or holding on to the twins for your dear life during any activity done with vigour. Sports bra vs normal bra, read on to know which is the best for working out. 

Reasons you should opt for Sports Bra for gym work out

There are other advantages of wearing a good sports bra which are:

  • Reduces discomfort/Pain while working out:

The first thing that comes to your mind when you think of working out is “I have to hold on again”. With a sports bra, you don’t have to worry about that at all. Sports bras were made for compression which reduces the movement of the breasts while still remaining comfortable and breathable (4). A good sports bra isn’t meant to dig into your skin or be of any discomfort while you work out.

  • Prevent injury & Breast sagging:

Another one of the many benefits of wearing a sports bra when working out is to avoid injury or saggy breasts. Continuous exercising or working out without the support of a sports bra causes pain because working out affects the breast tissues. Working out can also cause discomfort and stretching of your skin/ligament which leads to saggy breasts in the long run. So, when looking for a sports bra, be sure to keep in mind how intense your workout is, the more vigour involved, the more support you need.

  • Good performance:

One of the many sports bra benefits is sports bra helps reduce the bounce of your breasts while working out, so you don’t have that constant feeling like your breasts are going to fall off. It gives your breasts the no-bounce feeling which leads to a better performance. While you should look for sports bras that offer more support, you also need your sports bra to be comfortable and breathable, not one that burns into your skin.

  • Avoid bad stares:

You know the bouncy breasts issue you just read about in the previous point above, well you can get a lot of stares because of that. You know how uncomfortable those stares which are directed at our breasts can be. You suddenly catch some stranger gazing at you and all you want to do is hold your bouncing breasts down so that they can look away. Well, with a good sports bra, you don’t have to worry about getting those stares because it gives you that no-bounce.

  • Maintains the breast shape:

As mentioned earlier, working out stretches the skin and ligament of your breast as it bounces which can lead to pain and saggy breasts. But with a sports bra, you’re preventing those things from happening and maintaining the shape of your breasts.

  • Better Blood circulation:

Sports bras unlike a normal bra doesn’t have hooks or an underwire for some and elastic straps. All of the things which reduce blood circulation that also makes us eager to head home and switch to something more comfortable. Sports Bras are more comfortable and also don't disrupt your blood circulation.

  • Style statement:

Make a statement with your sports bra and show how confident, playful, and fun you are.

While support and comfort comes first, style is a close second for most women, if not all women. Sports bras come in different styles and patterns and there's a unique one like you, just for you. Unlike a normal bra, sports bras have more coverage and you can pair a patterned sports bra with a solid coloured tank top.

Make a statement with your sports bra.

Best sports bra online at hummel

Now that you know the benefits of wearing a sports bra during your workout, find the right sports bra for gym workout for you at Hummel. Hummel’s sports bras are made of 90% polyester and 10% elastane that keeps the compression on your breasts giving you that no-bounce effect.

Hummel’s sports bras come in two solid colours and one patterned, all unique in their own way.

  • The Mia Women Black Bra is a solid black sports bra with a touch of camouflage that adds to the fighter/brave vibe it gives off.
  • The Petra Women Green Bra is a solid green sports bra, a bright and unique shade of green that will add to your spunk.
  • The Fiona Women Blue Bra is a patterned sports bra that will make you think of the beach/hawaii and it gives off the cool, calm and collected vibe.

With the list of sports bra benefits above, you now know not to workout in a normal bra but a sports bra. So, invest in a good sports bra for exercises & gym workout like the options you have at Hummel and never go through your workout feeling uncomfortable and in pain.

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