Running: A Beginner’s Guide!

Running: A Beginner’s Guide!

All you need is a pair of shoes to run! That’s all! But it’s not as easy as it may seem. Running is one of the top cardio exercises that you can do but is quite challenging. No matter your fitness level, you can start to run every day to achieve an active lifestyle. Running is an exercise that most health-enthusiasts love to go for, and rightfully so. From keeping your heart healthy and increasing your core strength to keeping you mentally healthy, one hour of running can offer you multiple health benefits! And how much does it cost? 

Nothing! You need nothing but a good pair of shoes and an hour to yourself. 

Do you know that everyone can run, irrespective of age and size of their body? That’s right! With proper planning, nutrition and form, anybody can increase their pace and run to their heart’s joy. 

So, before you start adding sports shoes to your cart, there are some tips and tricks to ensure that you enjoy an injury-free exhilarating running experience! 

Tips to Start Running

Running can seem daunting at first. That's why you need to build yourself ready mentally. So, we have curated some tips that will guide you through running! 

Everything starts with a plan!

Everything starts with a plan. First, you need to understand your fitness level. If you have any medical issues like knee joint issues, cardiac issues, etc., you need to consult your doctor to get approval. Now, irrespective of your age and size, you need to start slow initially, especially if you are starting after a long time. This is the fundamental running tip for beginners. 

Keep in mind that consistency is the key to success here. 

In the first week, run for the first five minutes and then brisk walk for the next ten minutes. Set your pace low for running in the initial phase. Do not amp up, or you might get sore legs or muscle cramps. Do not fix your goal for an hour in the beginning. Rather a 20-minute session should be ideal for the first week. Your body would need time to get used to the sudden calorie-burning sessions and not go into a shock. Also, it won’t put a burden on your knees. 

Now, increase the five-minute running session to a ten-minute running session from next week. Run slow but at a steady pace. Do not worry if you find yourself breathless. Take breaks for two minutes and then continue. 

Keep your session for 45 minutes for the first month. 

Then, increase your time and start reducing the breaks. Keep in mind you won’t be able to run for a mile in the first month. So, don’t be discouraged if you fail to do so. All that matters is that you run consistently, every day. If you can cover even 200 metres to 300 metres in one week without a break, that’s still a success! If you ever wonder how to start running as a beginner, this is the key thing that you need to keep in mind. 


Scream, Cry and Fail. Buckle Up! Because You Do Not Give Up! 


Running can be exhausting in the initial stages. If you have a higher BMI or age, running a marathon can seem like a far-fetched dream. But you can kick those into garbage bins because we know that you can do it! 

Running increases the levels of endorphins in your body and increases the aerobic activity of your muscles—these help in improving your metabolism while helping you relieve stress. But your body needs time to adjust. 

As a beginner, you may have episodes of breathlessness and fatigue just after 30 minutes. But do not lose focus on the goal. Before you plan your running schedule, we want to give you another running tip for beginners, i.e. running can seem hard at first, but you must not give up! 

Do you know that many runners have said that they get a sudden adrenaline rush after running for an hour? 

Yes! That’s why you may feel more energised throughout the day after a session of running for half an hour! 

A Path Becomes More Enjoyable When Shared! 

Let’s be honest! No matter what kind of project we choose as beginners, we tend to lose focus and interest after some days. So, it is always better when we have a buddy along with us through our journey! 

Everything becomes more enjoyable when you do it with your friend, especially when running. So, nag your friends to join in your morning running sessions! And if you have a new trail that you want to explore, let’s say, amidst the wilderness, you can check that out with your friend. Or even have a friendly competition and push each other to strive for more. 

If your friend lives miles away from you, then connect with them on call while you are running. Now, you can converse with them while running, keeping your mind away from the sweat and calorie burning sensations in your muscles. 

Voila! You may have just crossed your record! 

Or else, you can listen to motivational podcasts or music while running. 

Clothes That Define Your Moves!

Clothes are essential, especially for running. This is another essential tip for running for beginners. Please, avoid any bulky dresses or clothes which have cascading fabric. You need the right activewear for your running sessions. Many beginners do not heed this important factor, but your attire directly affects your performance. 

You need athleisure products made with comfortable fabric that absorbs sweat in a minute and are designed for high-intensity workouts. You can check Hummel’s athleisure apparel. We offer various sportswear online like track pants for women, men’s t-shirts, sports bras, active shorts for men, women sports tops and T-shirts, sport shoes for men & women both, etc. 

Shoes are an important part of your attire. Check for shoes which have soft soles and are designed to take the pressure off in the front portion of your feet. 

Do you know that the wrong attire can affect your running performance and cause injury? 

You need clothes which don't cause any kind of hindrance or irritation to your skin. 

Warm Up Your Muscles! 

Before doing such high-intensity cardio exercise, always do a warm-up. Activities like T rotations, Hips rotations, knee and wrist rotations, good morning goblets, etc., are best for warm-up. These will help you stretch and get your body ready for the upcoming cardio exercise session. If you avoid warming up, you might cause an injury like a hamstring injury, muscle spasms, etc. 

Fuel Up To Stay Energetic! 

Do you know that you can lose up to 250-350 calories for 30 minutes of running? Yes! You heard us right! This is the reason why running is mostly preferred for weight loss! 

But losing above 200 calories in less than an hour can cause fatigue. So, avoid running on an empty stomach. Have fruits that give you instant energy, like bananas and almonds. If you plan to run more, carry a snack bar with you. 

If you run on an empty stomach, your energy levels will deplete. This would push your body to go into the anaerobic mode to merge the energy gap. This reaction would lead to lactic acid buildup in your muscles, causing intense cramps. Also, you would become more breathless with such low energy levels. So, as a running tip for beginners, we suggest that you carry almonds or walnuts in the pockets of your hoodies while running. Whenever you feel tired, take a break and have the nuts. 

Also, carry a bottle of water. Check out Hummel’s sipper bottles online, which have hand grooves, making them easy to carry, especially for an active lifestyle. 

Track! Track! And Track! 

Now, you may not be able to run for 5 miles in a day, but every little progress is a step closer to your dream goal. As a beginner, the slow pace can put you off, and you may feel like taking a break. So, we suggest always logging your miles. 

Get a good smartwatch or a pedometer that tracks your movement minutely. Nowadays, even a simple mobile phone can track your steps. 

This way, not only you will be able to track your progress, but you can push yourself more on days when you have not achieved your goal. 

Wrapping up! 

Running is a fun and exhilarating experience. It gives you a sense of freedom for that one hour when you focus on yourself only. The rest of the chaos gets blurred when you run. Whether road running or treadmill running, all you need is patience and willingness to tie your shoes and just hit the road! 

It doesn’t matter if you are 40 or 50. It doesn’t matter whether you are obese or thin. Running is for everyone. You need to have patience and pick up the pace gradually. 

Hummel offers you some well designed sports and workout apparel online. These clothes, designed contemporarily, are perfect for intense workouts and running. Check out our shoes and accessories collections, too! 

Happy Running! 

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