High-Performance Activewear Improves Your Performance

High-Performance Activewear Improves Your Performance

You’re probably curious as to how activewear can improve your performance. The thought of a piece of clothing or more affecting your performance almost sounds hard to believe, but it’s true. You’re going to be reading about how sportswear can improve your overall performance.

You know how you stand in front of your closet at the start of the day to figure out what it is you want to wear. Well, most times, if not all the time, we select our clothing based on our mood, and other times, the clothing we choose affects our mood. Sometimes, both of those things happen.

The cloth you have on affects your mood based on the colour, the fabric; how it glides on your skin, the comfort and fit of it, and the way it affects other people.

How do your clothes affect other people, you ask?

Depending on the kind of outfits we wear, we get different reactions from people. Some might toss a smile at you in approval as to how gorgeous you look and others, well, they might not approve as much. All of these reactions affect our mood and our performance throughout that day.

Which brings us full circle with an answer to your question: How does clothing affect your performance?

How Sportswear can Improve your Overall Performance

Sportswear/Activewear are clothing items for a specific purpose which is to exercise or workout and the type of exercise you’re doing should determine the kind of activewear you put on.

For example, running in loosely fitted tights isn’t the best idea because the extra fabric slaps against the wind, therefore, causing more resistance and making you slower. This is why athletes wear fitted activewear with a good stretch that won’t restrict them or make them slow. (1)

  • Flexible:

You need to make sure that your activewear is flexible enough for the exercise/workout you have planned for the day. Ensure that your activewear is neither too loose nor too tight depending on your workout. It should be comfortable and flexible enough that it doesn’t restrict your movement.

  • Helps prevent injury:

The right activewear can reduce Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness (DOMS), so, as mentioned earlier, ensure you have the right activewear for the workout/exercise you have planned for the day (2). For example, yoga/pilates require more range of movement, therefore, your activewear should have more percentage of elastane or any other fabric with more stretch to prevent resistance that might put a strain on your muscle.

  • Keeps you sweat-free:

Get an activewear that is adsorbent to prevent irritation or cause an infection in the long run. A good activewear should be able to absorb your sweat while you work out to keep you in good spirits and your performance high.

  • Breathable: 

Yes, you need your activewear to be adsorbent but you also need it to be breathable. Breathable activewear ensures the transmission of moisture through the garment/fabric which makes any exhausting activity you do, comfortable.

  • Helps fast recovery:

The right activewear can also help with post-workout muscle cramps and improve recovery in-between workouts by supporting your muscle. The right activewear for you adds just enough pressure to protect your muscle against strain, which avoids harming your tendons.

  • Better blood circulation:

A well compressed activewear can help to increase blood flow and circulation to the heart which helps to deliver oxygen that is very much needed to your active muscles. This helps to reduce tiredness and soreness as well as improve endurance, power, and recovery.

  • Regulates body temperature:

A fabric that retains moisture makes you feel heavy while you work out/exercise. On the other hand, a good breathable fabric/material dries out your body moisture leaving you feeling cool and dry rather than damp and heavy. This helps to regulate/maintain your body temperature and encourages you to give your best performance.

  • Boosts confidence:

The style and fit of an activewear can boost your confidence which keeps you focused and motivated for an active day. Although you might not look out for it, people tend to watch and a smile of appreciation not only makes your day better but also increases your performance.

  • Improves performance:

Do workout clothes make a difference in your performance? To give you a straight answer, yes, they definitely do. As you already know after reading through all these reasons why you need to wear the right sportswear, the fabric of the sportswear matters as well. Yes, it needs to be comfortable and flexible enough but it also needs to be adsorbent and be made with fabric that does irritate or chafe your skin.


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