Bollywood Celebrities Inspired Gym Looks You Must Try

Bollywood Celebrities Inspired Gym Looks You Must Try

If you’re the type of person who constantly worries about how to dress or what to wear to the gym, that’s completely normal. A lot of people are confused about what to wear to the gym, especially in the first few months of a continuous workout routine.

First, go get ‘em, tiger. You get a standing ovation for being consistent and sticking to your workout routine. You got up, made the decision to dress up, and head out to the gym. That takes a lot of determination and dedication and you should be really proud of yourself. But sometimes, maybe even more time than you care to count, you’ve been dissuaded from going the second you open your wardrobe only to realise that you have to put on ‘perfect’ clothing. By perfect, you guessed it right, clothes that are right for you to work out in.

It’s easy when you can do your workout at home because you can wear basically anything you like. You can even work out in your PJs because there’s no one to judge you and ogle you if you have less clothing on. But there are times when you need to head to the gym to use the equipment, and yes, that can sometimes suck. But you just have to get up regularly and put on clothes that are ‘sensible’.

It’s more difficult for women to choose what they have to wear because they have to keep it sensible enough that they aren’t exposing too much skin that would gain attention from others at the gym. If you feel confident in your skin and the attention doesn’t bother you, rock on girl! But if you’re on the closed-off side, where you get uncomfortable when it feels like you’re under scrutiny, then things just get harder for you.

That is why, when you’re shopping for your activewear, you should keep in mind what you’re comfortable in and also get things that would boost your performance. Let’s worry about the style, so you can sit back and just focus on comfort.

Hummel is here to help with all of that. Bringing you activewear, and more, that is the exact definition of comfortable, sensible, and a performance booster.

5 Bollywood inspired gym looks to try

Here are a few Bollywood celebrity gym looks and workout clothes you can try out. These looks consist of some basic items and include simple, edgy, and chic pieces of activewear that would bring your outfit together.

  • This first look is basic, simple, and functional and is a Bollywood inspired gym wear by none other than Jhanvi Kapoor. With a continuous pattern, in the shots captured of her leaving and heading to the gym, Jhanvi has been spotted in activewear that is simple, but that doesn’t take away from the fact that these clothing items are just as functional as they are simple.

Keeping it simple is the first way to go. Be sure you’re pairing items that are workout/gym worthy. That is items that have all the features of gym/workout clothes. These celebrity workout clothes are first of all high-quality activewear that boost their performance.


Source- Instagram

With this simple Bollywood inspired gym wear, always go with the most important, that is sports bras. Pair it with some women’s shorts or tight pants. Nothing over the top, something simple with a solid colour would be great. If you want to make it more personal, then get some bright colours or something with a pattern. But stick to these two pieces and simply throw on a t-shirt over your sports bra. But if you prefer to work out in just your sports bra, then grab a women’s jacket on your way out.

Hummel has a wide collection of sports bras, shorts, and tights for women. These activewear are high-quality athleisure that have all the features activewear should have. Achieve this easy Bollywood inspired gym look by getting these few hummel items.

  • The next look is a step up from keeping it simple. This involves more thought and planning than the previous look. Although getting a matching set of activewear is great, sometimes you can mix and match these sets with an item from another set. These stylish gym outfits can be seen on Sara Ali Khan. She pairs her activewear just right. Oftentimes, you can have some matching sets, other times, it’s just a few similarities with the top wear and the bottom wear that make it look thought-out.


Credits-Viral Bhayani

There are lots of bright colours involved. Some dark ones, but what is common is that she keeps it simple but edgy. It has a lot of us guessing what’s next. But remember that whatever the outer pieces are, a sports bra is very important. You can decide to go for a simple, printed, or patterned t-shirt for women or jacket over the top. Pair it with shorts, tights, or training pants for women to match.

  • A similar celebrity workout clothes like those mentioned above is Malaika Arora. Following the same simple gym look as seen above with a few layers of two and three maximum. These stylish gym outfits just include pieces of items you love. As mentioned, you can get a few matching sets and mix and match these sets every other day.

Credits- Viral Bhayani

There’s no rule that says you can’t mix and match, or that you can repeat your workout clothes. Just be sure you wash them after every workout session, and you’re good. While it might be hard to maintain more than three pairs of workout clothes. You can simply get two pairs and wear them alternatively.

  • The next celebrity gym wear that needs to be addressed is Disha Patani. You can’t look at her gym looks and not feel the need to head to the gym as well. She has a specific style for when she heads out to the gym that makes you want to get up and head there as well. She keeps it simple as well with a sports bra and a loose t-shirt over it. But she alternates from shorts to joggers, to yoga pants. Sometimes you can see her replacing the t-shirt with hoodies or sweaters when it gets chilly.


Source- Instagram

Being able to layer your activewear with other items like jackets, sweatshirts, and hoodies is great, especially during winter. So, head on to hummel and check out the collection of hoodies and sweatshirts to have your pick from the wide range of items.

  • Kriti Sanon is another person to get inspired by for stylish gym outfits. She goes from wearing all-black activewear from head to toe to wearing all vibrant colours that will turn heads. From mixing and matching to matching sets, all her gym looks are a must-try. So, get cracking and search for similar items at hummel to achieve all her gym looks.



These celebrity gym wear/looks are gym looks that you must try. They are simple, but chic items paired together to give you edgy looks. Remember to always start with a sports bra and work your way from there on what to pair around and with it. There are so many different options for top wear and bottom wear.

So, get out there and stun in your favourite activewear picks from hummel.

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