An Ultimate Guide To Style Slip-On Shoes For Men And Women

An Ultimate Guide To Style Slip-On Shoes For Men And Women

We all love our shoes don’t we? Your footwear reflects your unique style. They not only protect your feet and make your walk comfortable a pair of footwear can make your break your entire look. Styling your look with the perfect pair of shoes has become the fashion norm. However, when it comes to footwear for casual wear and travel, ladies choose your shoes wisely. Choose footwear that gives comfort, and style and that can be wearable in any season. Women’s slip-on shoes are the most obvious choice which fits all the bills. When it comes to footwear, men are not lagging behind. Men’s footwear game has evolved considerably in the last few decades. Casual shoes and slip-on shoes are the most comfortable styles of footwear for men as well. How to wear them? When to wear? If you have these questions in mind, we are here with a guide to style slip-on shoes for both men and women.


“A shoe has much more to offer..than just to walk.” – Christian Louboutin

What are Slip-on Shoes?

Slip-on shoes are those which you can slip into and that’s it! They are hassle-free and don’t require straps, buckles, clasps or laces. They go with almost every outfit and that is why this kind of casual slip-on shoe is much loved by people across the world.

The slip-on shoes are extremely easy to wear. Glide your feet in and you are ready! Yes, that fast and hassle-free. Read on to learn how to style slip-on shoes so that you never have to compromise on comfort.

The earliest slip-on shoes can be traced back to the early 70's and since then they are widely adorned across the world because they provide both comfort and style.


How to Style Slip-on Shoes for Women?

Heading to a party or a casual stroll through the mall, a brunch or visiting a friend your slip-on shoes come in handy when you are in rush and you want comfort, yet you don’t want to compromise on style. Team up your slip-on shoes for women with the correct outfits and it is guaranteed to add the needed fashion quotient to your look. Let’s learn in this guide to style slip-on shoes when you are pressed for time.

#1 Casual Look

Get your perfect summer outfit or a maxi dress and teaming it up with a pastel-coloured slip-on shoes for women. Add a sling bag and your favourite pair of sunglasses and your ensemble for a casual look is ready! Don’t forget to carry sunblock when you go out! Check out the Tatum Seamless Women Pink Slip-Ons by Hummel.

#2 Style slip-on shoes for running

Want to go out for a run or a morning walk but don’t want to bend down and tie your laces? Team up your running shorts or track pants with slip-on shoes for women and hit the park. That’s it – no laces no straps! Just get in your shoes and get moving!

#3 Day Out with Friends

Slip-on shoes can be quite the style statement because they are considered stylish, comfortable, and urbane. For a day out with friends, choose neon and bright coloured slip-on shoes for women.  These vibrant colours add the element of fun and quirk to your look. Slip-ons go perfectly with shorts and summer dresses. Zion Legend Seamless Women Pink Slip-Ons could be your perfect match.

How to style Slip-on shoes for men

Men’s footwear has evolved and they are making fashion statements everywhere. Casual slip-on shoes for men are perfect wear when they are looking for comfort and want to head out somewhere fast. Here’s presenting how to style slip-on shoes for men.


#1 Casual Look

For a casual look team up your cargo shorts and t-shirt with slip-on shoes for men. Style it with your wayfarers and you are good to go.


#2 Style slip-on shoes for running

Going for a run in a hurry? No for laces? Or do you have to rush to the grocery store to pick up something? In all these occasions glide in your slip-on shoes and you are ready to rush out.

#3 Day Out

Slip-on shoes for men are a perfect choice when you are traveling or going for a city tour. Style it with comfortable linens and rest assured your comfort level will never be compromised. Check out the Reese Breaker Seamless Unisex White Slip-Ons by Hummel.



Be it a casual day out or going mall hopping slip-on shoes provides the ultimate comfort and style. Hummel offers slip-on shoes for men and women for every occasion. To get yours, explore our wide range of slip-on shoes crafted specially to give you comfort and make you stand out in a crowd. Each of the designs is unique and bright. Follow our slip-on shoes styling ideas and you will be making a fashion statement easily.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

 Q1. Where can I wear slip-on shoes?

A1. If you follow the slip-on shoes styling ideas then you can pair your slip-on shoes with causal outfits and can wear it at any casual outing, social do or even go for a walk in it.

Q2. How to clean and maintain slip-on shoes for women and men?

A2. These shoes are easy to maintain. Remove excess dirt with a dry rag or a toothbrush. You can also dip a clean cloth in a liquid detergent and water solution and wipe the dirt off your slip-on shoes.

Q3. Where can I buy slip-on shoes online?

A3. Check out our wide range of slip-on shoes for men and women on Hummel. Order slip-on shoes online and get it delivered at your home!
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