7 Things To Look For While Choosing Running/Gym Shoes

7 Things To Look For While Choosing Running/Gym Shoes

Whether you work out at a gym or go running in the morning you need running shoes for a comfortable training session. Running shoes can have a huge impact on how comfortable your feet are going to be while you work out. The feet carry the weight of our entire body on them, so they need to be comfortable at all times. When you jump or run, your feet take maximum impact on them. The right pair of running shoes can save you from leg injuries. But how do you choose the perfect one? What are the things to look for in running shoes? Do you have these questions in your mind? In this post let us explain how to choose a good pair of running shoes so that your workouts are comfortable. Are you a beginner at the gym?? Worry not; we are here to help you. Keep reading this post to learn how to choose running shoes for beginners and what to look for in athletic shoes.

Why do you need a good pair of Running shoes?

The right pair of athletic shoes can help you to avoid accidents and injuries. Do not go to the gym or run wearing casual shoes or slippers. They can actually increase the likelihood of your feet getting hurt. The wrong pair of shoes while running can give you ankle injuries and even knee injuries. Running shoes are designed to take maximum impact and cushion your feet well so that you remain comfortable during your run. As a result, getting the right pair of running shoes is a vital decision even if you are a beginner. And for that, you need to know what to look for in athletic shoes.


7 Things to look for in running shoes

Like your perfect date, it’s important to choose the right pair of sneakers! Remember, walking shoes and running shoes are both different. For walking shoes, you don’t need to worry about shock absorption or cushioning. Just comfortable walking shoes are enough if you only go for a brisk walk in the morning. But if you are a jogger or a runner or work out in the gym you must consider buying running shoes. Let’s see what are the things to look for in running shoes.

#1 Enough Toe Length & Width

Have you seen fast bowlers making a hole in their running shoes for their big toe? Yes, that’s because you need enough toe length in your running shoes. Choose a running shoe by keeping at least a thumb-nail size space between your big toe and the end of the shoe. Your feet may swell up a little when you run. So consider the space for toe length and width.

#2 No Seams

Seams are notorious for causing blisters. You don’t want to end up with painful blisters after you go for your run. Choose your running shoe carefully and loo for seamless running shoes. No seams on the upper part of the shoe mean you will have a comfortable run.

#3 Eva Soles

One of the most important things to look for in running shoes is the kind of soles used. A thicker sole will make your running shoe heavy. However, you need to keep your feet light while running. Look for EVA soles. EVA stands for Ethyl Vinyl Acetate, a foam material very close to rubber. It is soft and provides flexibility. EVA is incredibly light making your running shoe feel light on your feet.

#4 Shock Absorption Technology 

Shock absorption tech is designed to dispel the massive amount of kinetic energy generated while running. Good sole and cushioning can reduce the force impact. Shock-absorbing shoes are often made with materials that are highly flexible so that your knees and ankles are safe while running.

#5 Flex Point in Shoes

The flex point in your running shoe is the point at which it bends while you are on your run. This should align with your feet, for maximum comfort. Even if you are a beginner, look for this feature for a comfortable run.

#6 Material Used

Another important thing to look for in running shoes is the material with which it is made. Look for a running show which has Knit or Neoprene material, like the Hummel Actus Trainer 2.0 Unisex Blue Sneaker. They are easy to clean and are comfortable on your feet.

#7 Midsole & Heel Cushioning

Cushioning is important while running. The midsole cushioning is between the shoe’s outsole and the upper fabric. It cushions the feet from the impact of hitting the ground. Try a few different kinds of midsoles before finding your perfect fit. Similarly, choose your preference for heel cushioning. Choose lesser cushioning if you want more contact with the ground.

Hummel offers a variety of running shoes and gym shoes for men and women which are specially designed to take impact and make your run and workout comfortable. Sometimes colors can also determine the comfort level of your running shoes. Dark black soles are made from carbon, like your car tire, which is usually heavier. Whereas, white and colored soles are made from blown rubber, which usually has a lower density. This soft material contains more air and weighs much lesser making it lighter on your feet.

But be sure to not fall for any gimmick and it is better to try running shoes and see how it fits your feet. You can buy them online and check your size and comfort factor. Buy running shoes online from Hummel because they have 7-day return policy and quick refunds.


Now that you know how to choose athletic shoes and what to look for in gym shoes, you will be able to take a better decision while getting your running shoes. Keep your shoes clean and free of dirt so that they don’t add up extra weight. Always remember to wear your socks while training. It is okay if you want to ask for details about your shoes, that is why you have sales specialists in the store. There is no harm in knowing everything about your shoes before buying them because after all, it’s a matter of your comfort. Rule of the thumb – comfort and safety come first before fashion. Find your favourite pair of running shoes at Hummel and keep training.
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