7 Gymwear Mistakes that Women Make

7 Gymwear Mistakes that Women Make

It is amazing to witness how today’s women are becoming more health enthusiasts to become more fit. We have seen how female presence is slowly increasing in the gym training areas; women picking dumbbells and doing deadlifts is a sight to behold. We are glad that the ladies' community have concluded that fitness is no more gender-specific, but everybody should strive for a healthy body and mind. 

Hummel applauds all the women who are beginning their active lifestyle journey! 

But getting a gym membership in your local gym is easy and one thing. And to be laser-focused on your health goals is another thing. But, in this whole mix, we often ignore the importance of our active gym wear, which determines our performance in the end. 

And we have seen that women make a lot of mistakes with gym clothing due to a lack of awareness and limited knowledge about how and what active wear. And especially if you are new to the gym culture, we focus mostly on gym goals that we tend to ignore about our clothes. 

Workouts are part of our lifestyle. What we wear and how we wear even during workouts sets the mood. What else? It helps us look good and feel good about ourselves while staying hygienic and healthy. 

So, in this blog, we will discuss the kind of mistakes you need to avoid while choosing gym clothes. 

  • Avoid Baggy and Bulky clothes.

Before you begin your workouts, the first rule is to choose sportswear that makes you comfortable and doesn’t hinder your movement. Many women tend to choose loose or baggy clothes due to body dysmorphia issues and insecurities. But, this is the only place where you need to be true to yourself while accepting the flawed being. 

Workouts are more than being healthy. It also helps us to accept who we are and realise our strengths and weaknesses. It helps us so much in our workouts. And the first and foremost to begin that kind of transformation from within is to choose the right gym wear for your active lifestyle. 

Chuck all your baggy clothes or clothes that may cause hindrance in your movements. You can check out Hummel’s joggers for women and tight pants or leggings with sports bras designed specifically for a high-intensity active lifestyle. 

Also, baggy clothes would make you uncomfortable in certain situations, like when you are working with heavy weights, callisthenics, planks and pushups. You may trip or fall during running or skipping ropes due to baggy clothing, which may cause fatal injuries. 

  • Avoid regular clothes

Now, fabrics like cotton and silk are good for regular clothes. But when looking for athleisure products, you need to avoid these kinds of fabrics. Why? Because this type of fabric doesn’t have moisture-wicking properties. 

You need a fabric that not only has moisture-wicking properties but doesn’t stick to your body with sweat when you are working out. Otherwise, you would be in constant discomfort, which would affect your overall workout sessions. 

Choose comfortable clothes. Hummel has a range of T-shirts for women and other sports apparel that you can check out. These are made with a mix of cotton and nylon, making the fabric durable, comfortable and perfect for high-intensity workouts. 

  • Start with a sports bra.

Before you sit and chalk out the kind of workout you want in the gym, invest in some good sports bras. Whether you are about to go for a sprint, jog or walk, you need a sports bra. 

Do you know that without the right sports bra, your boobs may sag and cause a strain on the chest muscles? Also, the wrong bra can cause many other injuries, backache, neck pain, etc. So, check out for sports bras specially designed for the kind of workouts you prefer. Hummel’s sports bras support high-intensity workouts and are versatile since they come in lots of patterns and shades. These are ergonomic, and you can pair them up with other apparel for a sense of comfort. 

  • Say no to accessories.

Now, women love accessories and don a lot of jewellery for the touch of elegance. But that doesn’t work when you are in the gym. If anything, accessories always make you prone to fatal accidents, especially with dangling hoops type of accessories. Avoid any accessories that may cause hindrance in workouts, especially when you are about to go for HIIT or weight training. Stay as simple as possible. 

You can wear a smartwatch, a simple bracelet or an armband. And that’s all. 

Imagine wearing dangling earrings while doing deadlifts! Or if any accessories break and get stuck in the gym equipment. These are some simple scenarios where the chance of accident occurrence increases. 

Why risk your life when you can stay simple and look chic with Hummel’s active gym wear for women

  • No room for regular flip-flops and sandals in the Gym

Yes, we know that flip-flops and sandals are comfortable and make you feel homely. But they are not meant for gyms or any active lifestyle. They are not designed to protect your feet and soles, especially if you plan to work out for an hour. Instead, these shoes make you prone to falls, slips and muscle sprains in a gym. You can’t even imagine wearing this when planning to run for a mile or so on a treadmill or the road.

You need proper sports shoes meant for the kind of activity you choose to do. Hummels sports shoes are made with high-quality fabrics and designed for gym workouts for women. They give you proper support and enhance your overall performance. 

Keep in mind that the quality of sports shoes determines the comfortability of the person and gives them a boost of confidence to explore more! 

Also, check for the right shoe size. Don’t buy anything too tight or too loose. 

  • Wash your gymwear regularly!

Well, yes! We are going to talk about a sensitive topic of hygiene. Sometimes, when we are too lazy, tired or sleepy, we tend not to wash our gym clothes after coming home. But this causes multiple issues that we can’t ignore anymore. 

The sweat the fabric has soaked builds up in the corners of your apparel, making them a perfect hotspot for bacteria and other pathogens. The gym clothes start to smell and sometimes cause skin rashes and other diseases. 

Now, we are sure you want to avoid these! So, we recommend you wash your gym clothes once a week, especially the sports bras. You can make a schedule to wash these on weekends when you have a good amount of time. 

  • Bye-Bye to Tight clothes! 

Trust us! Skin chafing and rashes are not what you want after gym workout sessions. Avoid all kinds of tight clothes. Wear clothes with fabric that are breathable and comfortable. Also, tight clothes constrict your body movements and sometimes may cause muscle sprains and aches. 

Check out Hummel’s athleisure clothing, which is super soft, comfortable, versatile and makes you always gym-ready. You don’t have to worry about skin rashes or chaffing anytime. 

Be Ready For Your Next Gym Session

These are some mistakes women tend to make when they begin their fitness journey. Now, you can commit to your fitness goals with the right apparel. Now, check out Hummel activewear online, to decide which gym wear for women is perfect for you. You now know some basic points that will make your athleisure journey easy, and you can upgrade your workout wardrobe better. 

Rock the Gym Floor, Ladies!

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