5 Top Ways To Style Men's Tank Tees For The Gym

5 Top Ways To Style Men's Tank Tees For The Gym

When you work out, you need something that offers little to no resistance in the workouts you do. That means getting and wearing something fitted, something that is like a second skin, so it feels like you have nothing on.

Women have a constant top wear, which are sports bras. There is no intense workout session without those lifesavers for women. But for men, what do they have? What is one thing they can wear that, for them, is similar to sports bras for women? We’re talking about something that offers almost the same benefits as sports bras, something that doesn’t hinder your workout session, but rather, boosts your performance.

If you guessed Tank Tops, then you guessed right.

Tank tops are the best option for men to workout in for so many reasons which you’re going to be reading about soon.

Remember that just like women throw on a t-shirt or any top wear over their sports bras to head to the gym, men can also throw something over their tank tops while heading to the gym as well. Tank Tops are just for you to work out in. Choosing to throw something over it, or not, is up to you.

Benefits of Tank Tops for Men

Tank Tops have numerous benefits that enhance your workout session and boost your general performance. Those benefits are:

  • Light:

Tanks Tops, loose or fitted, usually are lightweight. It almost feels like you’re wearing close to nothing, or something that’s feather-light. The lightweight offers no added weight while you work out which doesn’t interfere with your performance. Tanks Tops are lightweight which makes them a dream to wear while working out.

  • Breathable:

Tanks Tops are airy and are mostly made with breathable fabrics. This is why it is important to know the material of the tank tops you’re buying before you buy them. Buying a tank top with a breathable material like cotton, polyester, or other breathable fabrics is the best option for gym wear. Breathable fabrics get rid of your sweat/moisture as you work out, which ensures comfort during your intense session.

  • Comfort:

Coming right back to comfort. Tank Tops are one of the most comfortable top wear for chilling and for working out. It is light, airy, and breathable. Being comfortable in what you wear to the gym is another thing to ensure that you give your workout all your focus and effort.

  • Confidence Boost:

Tank Tops, loose or fitted, have a certain amount of skin exposure that makes people feel good about themselves. If you’re a buff man or you know feel good in your skin, wearing a tank top to show off the effort you put into making your body the way it is, is a huge confidence booster.

  • Performance Enhancement:

Putting together all the benefits mentioned above. With all those benefits put together, you are bound to boost your workout/activity performance. Not just the way that tank tops make you feel, but also the other reasons it is considered the best top wear for working out.

5 Amazing Ways to Style a Men's Tank Top

There are different ways to style a tank top while heading out to the gym. Those ways are different from the way you style a tank top when you’re wearing it while heading to a convenience store, or to the park to walk your dog. Styling a tank top for the gym is a whole different territory and we’re going to be looking at a few men's tank top styles, or ways to style a tank top for you.

  • The Fit:

Whichever fit you decide to go for, a loose or a fitted tank top, remember to pair it with something that’s the opposite of the fit you go for. To clarify, if you choose to go for a loose-fitting tank top, pair it with something that’s fitted like this Hummel’s training pants for men or shorts for men. Similarly, if you’re going for a tightly fitted tank top, then pair it with something loose. Although, in the case of a fitted tank top, tightly fitted bottoms could also work.

  • The length:

Your tank top should fall below your belt loop, it tends to look more appealing that way. A tightly fitted tank top doesn’t mean torso-hugging tight. It means tight enough that it doesn’t restrict your movements. The tightness can also affect the length making it seem shorter than it is.

  • The colour:

Wearing a bright colour of tank top keeps your spirits lifted, but it also draws attention to you. Something dark allows you to go unnoticed, but it can also be a Debbie-downer for your mood. Neutral colours, on the other hand, keep you calm and somewhat inconspicuous. You can also decide to go with colours you like because wearing something you like can be another confidence booster.

  • Skin Showing:

Most loosely fitted tank tops are so revealing they show your chest as well as your arms. Doing things in moderation is good, so showing a bit of skin, like your arms, is good. But anything more can be embarrassing for the other people at the gym.

  • A second layer:

Coming back to this again. You can throw something over your tank top. It can be a sweatshirt or hoodie, maybe a men’s jacket. You can decide to take it off when you get to the gym. It would also come in handy when you’re heading back and the weather changes.

4 Things to know before wearing Tank tops

This is a reiteration of the points listed above.

  • The fit matters. Wearing a tank top that’s too tight would leave you looking drenched after your workout. So, ensure that it’s hanging half an inch, or an inch, from your body.
  • The length should fall below your belt loop. Any shorter leaves no room for you to tuck it in, if you desire.
  • If you’re thinking of going for a more revealing tank top, remember that showing off your skin in moderation is good.
  • The material of the tank top matters because you want something that’s breathable.


Choose your tank top in a style that best suits you or something you like. If you’re not sure what your style is, the more you acquire tank tops, the more you’ll be able to narrow down what you like and what you don’t. Soon enough, you’ll be able to build your style.

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Q. Is it ok for guys to wear tank tops?

A: Absolutely. Tanks tops are not just fashionable, they’re comfortable and a good look on men.

Q. Should guys wear tank tops?

A: Tank tops look great on men. But it is up to you to decide if you want to wear it or not. They offer comfort and feel almost like you’ve got next to nothing on.

Q. How to wear a men's tank top?

A: You can wear it any way that feels right, and comfortable to you. For a more styled look, read the 5 Amazing ways to style a tank top above.

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